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Today, it is quite difficult to find a reliable and safe exchange, because scammers are operating with might and main on the Web, who, under the guise of “super profitable offers”, slip a dummy to users. A striking example of such a “kitchen” is Binaryx, from which, apart from promises and high-flown phrases, you can expect nothing. What this company is, what kind of divorce scheme it uses, and what traders say about it in their reviews – we understand all this in our review. Binaryx: a real scam under the guise of a cryptocurrency exchange Let’s start with the fact that Binaryx positions itself as a reliable cryptocurrency exchange that provides a lot of profitable offers. But is it worth believing advertising? When writing a review, we decided to look for “pitfalls” in the work of these scammers and, of course, found many inconsistencies. The first thing we immediately checked was the domain. As it turns out, it has been around for over 12 years, and the funniest thing is that the IP address is located in the USA.

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  1. Literally half a year ago, my journey on the stock exchange began, I can say that it draws in and involves, but everything is without a scam, because there are specific indicators and you either rose or fell, everything is the same with …

  2. A simple way to register on the site and understandable, even a child will break on the exchange in this regard. I registered more than a year ago and during this time I figured out a lot of things, in addition to the material that the organizer himself provides. IN…

  3. The exchange has become a good opportunity for me to make a profit, I use the purchase and exchange of cryptocurrency. Basically, this is known to all BTC, but recently ETH has also become interested. Good site design, safe mode and for the wallet…

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