Website: https://eazylinq.com

Phone: +44 161 537 7570

Address: GREAT BRITAIN, 45 Brown St, Manchester M2 4WU

Email: [email protected]

About company


At the Eazy Linq we offer a wide range of products and the best trading conditions. We continually invest in innovation and company personnel to meet our customers’ needs by taking a personalized approach and providing high quality service.


01 Safe deals

Our trading platform is protected by strict protocols and advanced technical measures.

02 Protection against negative balance

This protection ensures that losses on trade transactions do not exceed the size of the deposit.

03 Integrated analysis

Variety of indicators, strategies and drawing instruments for detailed market analysis.

04 Intuitive interface

The platform is very intuitive and user-friendly both for beginners and professionals in trading.

05 Cross-platform

Allows you to trade on the go. Open the mobile version of the platform and trade online.

4 thoughts on “EAZY LINQ REVIEW

  1. The Eazy Linq project is an ordinary fake broker. And yet I was scammed by this broker who stole 700 bucks from me. He promised me big profits, but as you understand and as I said above, he stole them from me. A good lesson for the gullible!!!!

  2. Traders complained about the sudden blocking of their account, incomprehensible write-offs of funds, constant draining of transactions and other unpleasant events that should not take place when interacting with a reliable broker. The more actively traders tried to understand the current situation, the faster their account was deleted.

  3. Brokerage company Eazy Linq quite clearly reflects the classic behavior of scammers on the network. They are secretive, work according to a proven scheme, use tools popular in their circles, and suddenly disappear from the radar. As soon as a trader registers, the account can go up to hours, because experienced cheaters do not need much time to rob an inexperienced user to the bone. Client status on this trading platform in 100% of cases will lead to total disappointment and negative consequences. Therefore, it is recommended to carefully choose a broker and check all the data about him before entrusting him with money.

  4. The Eazy Linq project is a scam! Do not believe and do not invest! I believed and lost! A LOT OF!!! And therefore, I want to express my gratitude to the NES company for the timely and professional return of money from the scam. Fast and efficient!

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