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About company:

AliKassa is an aggregator of electronic payment systems launched in 2020. It works with both individuals and legal entities. Provides its services in all countries. Allows you to accept payments on websites using bank cards, mobile payments, electronic wallets (Qiwi and PayPal). And also in cryptocurrency (BTC, LTC, DASH, ZEC). AliKassa charges a commission of 3% or more for its services. With an increase in the volume of settlements, the interest rate decreases.

3 thoughts on “AliKassa  Review

  1. There was a small production of hand-made products, I moved the whole thing online) I needed a payment system, I chose Alycassa and I didn’t fail, I connected it instantly) I don’t know anything about this business, but what I liked was promptly connected, everything

  2. CPA networks are my second business, which I have been developing not so long ago, but despite this, enough partners have already joined. Due to the fact that I work around the world, I needed the ability to accept any currency and transfer …

  3. I recently launched a project (an online store of in-game goods from Steam) and faced the choice of a payment system for accepting payments to the site. Many competitors didn’t want to cooperate with me because my site is new and doesn’t even exist yet…

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