BaksDAO Currency Exchanger Reviews

DeFi platform BaksDAO, which opens access to decentralized lending for cryptocurrency owners. BaksDAO is a project on the decentralized finance market. BaksDAO offers users to take crypto assets in stablecoins as collateral. The BaksDAO team has been working since 2018.

+7 (499) 288-80-21
Leninsky Ave., 109, Moscow, Russia, 119421

2 thoughts on “BaksDAO Currency Exchanger Reviews

  1. I regret ever using this exchange. Slow execution times and frequent downtime during market volatility have cost me a lot. The mobile app is full of bugs and glitches, making it a frustrating experience. Their limited selection of cryptocurrencies is not suitable for serious traders.

  2. Dealing with this exchange’s withdrawal process is a nightmare. It’s excessively slow, and you’ll find yourself waiting for weeks to access your funds. Additionally, their hidden fees and poor exchange rates are designed to maximize their profits at the expense of yours. Countless reports of missing funds are a red flag.

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