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About company:

Cryptocurrency exchange Billium was founded in 2022. Registered in Turkey. The platform supports trading in eleven cryptocurrencies. Implemented as a web service and mobile applications. Billium does not confiscate suspicious coins, but returns them to their owner. The exchange provides a high level of protection for customer data and funds through the use of cold wallets and two-factor authentication based on Telegram. At the same time, the platform website completely lacks a description of trading conditions and license numbers.

3 thoughts on “Billium  Review

  1. The scammers from Billium already realized that it smelled of fried. Have you seen what they write on reviews? Ordinary people are accused of slander and attempts to drown a sensible company. And I think that these swindlers got it right. They manipulate the terminal and twist quotes in a way that only benefits them. It is impossible to trust such “comrades”. They will circle around the finger and will not be tormented by remorse.

  2. I want to warn those. who else is thinking of using the so-called Billium exchange…. Pay special attention to their so-called “shares” and other lures.. THIS IS A SCAM!!! Don’t put your money in there. Who uses telegrams, there is such a friend as AnTrading (AnTraiding) – which lures Billium to this exchange. Like they have such a good copy trading promotion right now. give you $300 – sign up and get $300, use copytrading and get money. The person registers. 3 months pass. you seem to see that “your traders” are earning, then clap and reset the balance,,,, or deposit the same amount as you earned on copy trading. or everything is reset to zero: and initially, when you register, they don’t say anything … this is one of the fraud schemes,,,, maybe there are some more,,, CONCLUSION – bypass this so-called Billium exchange; Before using their services, look at the information on the Internet, you will see reviews about them; Lots of scam reviews… For example, here is a person who writes:

  3. These creatures have already gone nuts. Not only did they not let me withdraw the profit, they also decided to keep my own savings!!! They say that I have to pay for some kind of insurance and a bunch of other fees that were not mentioned before. I am shocked by what is happening. If I knew that this is such a scam, FIG would be registered.

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