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About company: was founded in 2012 in the UK. It specializes in raising funds from large and small investors for subsequent investment in the industrial mining of cryptocurrencies. And also in the operation of their purchase and sale on the exchanges. investment offer: $10-50 deposit at 2% per day. You can also invest at 3.5% per day. But at the same time, the amount of the minimum deposit increases to 5 thousand dollars. In addition, the project has a three-level referral program.

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  1. Difficulties with finances led me to Binvest, I was at a loss what to do and where to get money from. This company and investments with them have become my salvation. Just by investing a little money, I began to receive instant profit and earn out of the blue. So day after day my incomes played a role and I invested more and already for a longer period of time. The investment brought an incredible result, and the most important thing is that I was honestly paid money, no deception. So, I am incredibly pleased with the results, and I advise such a fund to people so that everyone can earn money, this is a very quick and easy way. 0

  2. So I understood only one thing, that it is simply impossible to believe in such scams, it is not clear why I invested my money there at all, since they were quickly stolen from me. They spun such nonsense that I just simply can’t. Moreover, the divorce was such that at first I invested the minimum amount of 300 rubles and received real profit, they paid me the money. After that, I realized that this was not enough and decided to invest on a large scale. I immediately deposited 10 thousand rubles and this money disappeared immediately after 7 days. Do not contact any of the representatives of the company anymore. I felt ashamed of how I was able to get into such nonsense at all and what I was thinking at that moment. That’s what happens when you want easy money. 0

  3. In fact, the company proved itself not in word, but in deed, I was not just offered profitable investments, but really provided a unique opportunity to earn passive income on cryptocurrency. I understood only one thing that I got to the right place and here I will definitely begin to live much better financially. The main thing is that the company works on the basis of licenses and documents, they can really be trusted and there will be no problems in cooperation with them. My opinion is that you only need to work with such companies, everything is just perfect in cooperation. I also recommend this kind of investment to you, you will definitely stay in the black. 0

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