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Launched in July, 2021, BTCEX is a full-category digital asset trading platform. From beginner-friendly copy trading to crypto derivatives such as perpetual contracts, BTCEX has built a comprehensive product line, dedicated to empowering investors to make a better future.
Registered in Seychelles, BTCEX has obtained key licences in countries like Canada, Lithuania, and Estonia. Now BTCEX has more than 200 employees, with offices located in Canada, Singapore, Hongkong and Dubai.

3 thoughts on “BTCEX Review

  1. The author of the article on says that BTCEX has a beautiful cover. But in fact, the exchange cannot provide legal documents. What kind of trust and security of funds can we talk about? There are few reviews and information on the network about this service, which indicates its lack of demand.

  2. Yuri has been a BTCEX client for some time. Each time, he noticed shortcomings in the service, for example, the slow operation of the site. Managers cannot make a withdrawal, although the application has already been processed. As a result, the man came to the conclusion that the exchange did not meet his expectations.

  3. Sergey also advises against contacting BTCEX. He replenished the deposit, however, the transactions closed not in his favor. Perhaps the owners of the site had a hand in this. The man regrets his decision to trade on this site, because he is not a millionaire to scatter money.

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