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A cryptocurrency service that has been operating since 2017. CHATEX includes a mobile application and a Telegram bot for P2P cryptocurrency exchange. As well as an API gateway for accepting cryptocurrency payments on websites. In addition, CHATEX is launching its own online bank, whose clients will be able to earn money by placing cryptocurrency deposits and loans to other users. To do this, the project has issued its own CHTX token, which can also be invested in.

3 thoughts on “CHATEX Review

  1. Not only that, when buying a crypt for 4000, it came to 3000, but with this, big exchange problems can be expected for a very long time. Until another participant deigns to confirm the receipt of funds, and support will make you not just throw off the checks, this is not enough for them, they need almost the pin code of your card. They require you to log into Sberbank online while filming so that you can see the password at the entrance.

  2. There are not many coins, but in general this is compensated by good liquidity for those present and, probably, the lowest commission that I have seen, plus a fix. Support is very prompt, and probably the most active community, which somehow shows itself. I use it as a wallet because I can do everything with my phone. But on one bot you won’t take it out for a long time, you need to grow further. The site has information about the application, but so far only in development. Let’s see how it will be there.

  3. For me, p2p platforms were new, since before that I used mainly classic exchangers. And here is a completely different approach, the exchange takes place not with some kind of ephemeral robot / exchange or something else, but with real people. I dug a lot of info before trying something like that, there are a lot of solutions on the market now, chatex, I chose it corny because they drank their bot in the cart, well, reviews are more or less about them, of course I met dissatisfied people, for example here they even wrote here, but for the test I exchanged a small amount, in the direction of usdt – sberbank, they really withdrawn in about 5 minutes somewhere, I don’t know though it always coincided with them one way or another, while I have such a great experience with them, but I liked that without unnecessary red tape, I created an application in the bot, a couple of clicks and I have all the money on the card. In short, everything seems to be OK, but it will still be necessary to observe and test them.

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