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Coinsbit is an Estonian cryptocurrency exchange. It was founded at the beginning of 2018. The legal entity “Coinsbit” is EXRT Services OU. The organization is registered at Narva mnt 7, Kekslinna linnaosa, Tallin, Harju maakond, 10117. is on the 18th place in the rating of crypto exchanges according to the Coingecko resource. We expressed our utmost interest in this matter. After a short analysis of the company's activities and feedback on its activities, we are ready to share our opinion in this review. Overview of the cryptocurrency exchange “Coinsbit” At the end of 2019, Coinsbit became a competitive exchange, now it can “compete” even with the top representatives of the financial sector. The daily trading volume of Coinsbit averages $1,400,000,000. However, according to customers in their reviews, this figure is significantly inflated. Every month, the official site is visited by traders more than one million times. Coinsbit news can be followed in today's popular social networks:;; The official website of is quite simple. From its main page, you can go to any section or tab of the site. Navigation through the resource is very convenient and does not require any additional knowledge. There are no extra buttons in the interface, and there are no flashy titles in the landing page. This fact inspires confidence. is translated into 14 languages, including Russian.

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  1. I participated in the artr project, before the scam of the project I brought the coins to the exchange, sold for 9000 usdt, I have not been able to withdraw them from the exchange for more than a year, support at first answered after half a year there was silence and a blocked account, at the moment the account was unblocked but the funds cannot be withdrawn give, here is the error

  2. I participated in the Artery project, they had a token listing on the Coinsbit exchange. Gradually brought his profit to the stock exchange, exchanged for stablecoins, gradually sold. When the rate of artr began to fall, I decided to leave the project and accordingly brought all my coins to coinsbit. Sold them for 9000 usdt. When I started

  3. I haven’t been able to withdraw my coins for almost a month now. I passed verification, made a withdrawal request, the request was first canceled, and then the withdrawal was completely disabled. Support refers to technical work.

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