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About company:

CryptoUnit is an investment company that has been operating since 2019. Its office is located in Switzerland. The project offers clients to invest in their own investment portfolio by acquiring native cryptocurrency. To do this, CryptoUnit launched its own blockchain. Project investors receive several types of payments: for staking, bonuses, due to the growth in the value of the token. The project invests the raised funds in gold, real estate, business and other assets. The company provides a profit of 150% per annum.

3 thoughts on “CryptoUnit  Review

  1. An excellent project that helps to earn money. I understand that these are serious investments that bring constant and high returns, Andrey Khovratov is a wonderful person, thanks to him my income went up dramatically. In addition to the project itself, he was also involved in teaching investment and financial literacy in general. I decided to buy this course and I must say it quickly paid for itself as well, I began to invest even more in crypto currency and earn money on it. This is a new era, and those who are used to ordinary money and work will soon lose. So, my advice to you is to join the official communities of the project, get acquainted with the information and join the winning team. 0

  2. I was at one of their speeches, it was there that I learned about Crypto Unit, I thought that I would invest in crypto currency together with the company and also row money with a shovel. But it didn’t work out that way, having invested $ 20 thousand here, I got only $ 3,500 back, the rest of the amount hung with them. Moreover, this is a stupid agreement, in which the clauses are spelled out that the company can stop paying at any time or even close the site and will not bear responsibility, I didn’t read it in time and now they don’t pay me any interest. Only at the beginning they are allegedly so good and for the first few months they regularly accrue dividends so that they are believed and carry even more money. Well, then all payments are abruptly stopped and various reasons are given why it is worth waiting. 3

  3. Really dangerous investment, I didn’t realize that I was investing nowhere, I bought a non-existent CRU currency right on their website, exchanged my dollars for this mess. I really thought that all Andrey’s promises were really true. But this is far from the case, I understand that I got into a scam, the essence, as in a financial pyramid, they simply take money from investors and pay out the profit for the first time. And then, what just happened, the company fell into the cold and stopped paying. They justify the difficult situation, hiding behind the pandemic and other excuses, simply dragging out time and not giving back money to depositors. It turned out to be useless to quarrel, since I voluntarily invested and ticked the user agreement. 3

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