WEBSITE: https://www.distinctmotorsltd.co.uk/

PHONE: 0161 762 0567

ADDRESS: Unit 1 Park Road, Bury, BL9 5BQ

EMAIL: [email protected]

About company:

Quality car retailer of Bury

At Distinct Motors we are proud to offer only the finest quality of used cars available, handpicked from our Franchised dealer partners and specialist used car buyers. We are proud to offer you only first class customer service, accompanied with competitive pricing checked daily in order to reach our goals of complete customer satisfaction, and more importantly surpassing our customers’ goals and expectations leaving a memorable buying experience.

At Distinct Motors we want to stand out from the rest. From previous customer feedback we have a clear vision on how this is to be continued and maintained. Please take a look at our ever expanding range of used quality affordable used cars, tailored to all budgets without compromising quality or customer service.

At Distinct motors we have learned that peace of mind is paramount, which is why we cover all used cars with a 3 month warranty covering engine and gearbox as standard, with the option to extend the warranty from 3 months to 36 months using only the most competitive prices around.

All our prices are checked and monitored on a daily basis, to ensure we are continuously competitive and we are confident in beating our rivals in offering greater value for money across the UK.


  1. Fraudsters: ooomasteravto.ru – paid 50%, two days later they sent us a photo of some warehouse with boxes and began to ask for the second part, when they realized that they couldn’t shake us anymore, because it became clear to us who they were, turned off the phone. It is a pity that they frightened off these goats and that there is no way to get out on them now.

  2. We concluded with them: ooomasteravto.ru – an agreement for the supply of an engine for a Volkswagen. They threw them 50% and that’s it, no engine, no money. Wrote a statement to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

  3. Friends! tell me who is familiar with the company: motorpay.ru – 8 (987) 749-02-18 – did anyone order a motor from them? I found only a few people who made orders with them, everyone said that everything was fine, but there can’t be several people for so many years of work … Tell me please, I will be grateful! Thank you!

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