Finnscon Review


Phone: [email protected]

Address: 92 Parr Road, London, England, E6 1QH

About company:

FinssCon Limited offers Easy and Big Passive Income by investing in a constantly changing crypto market.

Our system works with selected contractors with the full range of DeFi protocols to find the best return on investment with the lowest possible risk using the best platforms such as Compound, Curve, Binance, Aave, Kraken and many more.

3 thoughts on “Finnscon Review

  1. I left my resume on one site and yesterday they called me from this office and offered me the position of a consultant. But I don’t like having to make a down payment. For what? I’m really lost. but the pay was good. Maybe someone worked or works for them and knows what kind of joke it is?

  2. Everything that the manager of FinssCon Limited promised me, it happened. I just transferred 5000 ye and I was charged interest. He and I calculated how much money I would receive with such a deposit, so I received it. I have already withdrawn the accumulated % several times. I have no regrets about investing here.

  3. FinssCon Limited fucking bastards! They stole 3,000 bucks from my friend. They promised him that interest would drip, they even sent some fake documents. The most important thing is that he told them that he was saving this money for his brother for the operation, so there’s definitely nothing to lose now. But they don’t give a fuck. Rogues are more important than their own skin. Well, nothing, everyone will be deserved!!! And I want to warn all people, do not believe them! All these percentages of them are a complete scam. There are no such percentages. Think what’s the point of them just giving money to people

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