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About company: is a binary options, forex/CFD and cryptocurrency broker, fully regulated and governed by the European MiFID regulations. is an online financial trading platform, offering its services in over a dozen languages and providing live support 24/7 by employees with years of experience in this field.

Our Dream

The Company’s dream was to tap into the lucrative benefits of the financial world without being intimidated by its dynamic and volatile nature. The vision of our founders was to help everybody understand how lucrative, the trading experience can be with the right tools and guidance, and how to benefit from it.


As such, the trading academy offers training videos and trading guides, articles, ebooks and product tutorials both for beginners and advanced traders, all designed to show you how to navigate the world of online trading. For beginners the “Zero to Hero Binary Options, forex/CFD and cryptocurrency Trading Guide” will guide you step by step. The Blog contains a wealth of information on the exciting world of binary, forex/CFD and cryptocurrency trading.


At we believe that to increase your skill as a trader, it is important that you be part of a trading community. It keeps you motivated. With this in mind, we have created a series of features to enhance your trading experience. Our social trading tools includes a ‘Live’ page where you can see in real time, actual investments of fellow traders from around the globe. The “Trend” feature indicates in real time whether other traders on the same option opted for Buy or Sell. This helps you identify what the most popular assets and options are at every single moment. We also have a mobile app, so that you can trade wherever and whenever. Nothing like a tiny bit of jealousy to kick start your trading. You can even become part of our trading competitions and enjoy extra profits on your trades.

Secure Trading environment complies with the highest international standards of security and financial regulation. Our minimum capital requirements, AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policies and responsible trading all comply with European Union standards and are designed to help protect you from unauthorized access by third parties, loss, fraud and false claims. We go to great lengths to ensure that your trading environment is protected and that your transactions, funds and personal data are all encrypted and secure.

Our Approach

At we are customer focused. Traders have a personal coach and you all have live access to our support team anytime anywhere. You can also always request a Call Back from our team, wherever you may be. We’ll be happy to call you back.
For further information on how to trade binary options, forex/CFD and cryptocurrency and the other derivatives offered by™, please see the FAQ section.


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  2. a project called Invest Primeltd, which claims that it appeared on the market quite a long time ago and during this time managed to significantly improve its service, as well as improve its trading literacy, but in reality, the Invest Primeltd platform is a scam that does not have a remote understanding of what is the investment sphere and how to work with it.

  3. The company is allegedly registered in Britain, but there is no broker in the registers of this state, just as the scammer does not have an FCA license. As for the regulation of the company on the territory of Russia, here the office cannot boast of legality either. As it turned out, the Central Bank added this young scammer to the black list, not advising traders to contact him.

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