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LegalForexCoin is a distinctive investment company offering our investors access to high-growth investment opportunities in Bitcoin markets and other services. We implement best practices of trading & mining of Bitcoins through our operations, while offering flexibility in our investment plans. Our company benefits from an extensive network of global clients. At LegalForexCoin campany, we emphasize on understanding our client’s requirement and providing suitable solutions to meet their investment criteria. Our aim is to utilize our expertise & knowledge which will benefit our clients and the users of our services. Our company believes that when a team outperforms expectations, excellence becomes a reality.


  1. Broker is a typical scam project that is just starting. Presumably, in a few months there will already be a couple of hundred customers deceived by him who will not be able to withdraw their money from their accounts.

  2. They registered the site of a sharashka office on January 10, 2023, but the crooks are trying to portray a global stock trader honestly doing his job. The scammers decided not to indicate the exact address of registration, as well as phone numbers, because they are not going to conduct live communication with customers, especially after a successful robbery of users. As for the e-mail indicated by the crooks, it is not real at all, the scammers indicated it purely for show.

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