LocalTrade.cc  Review

WEBSITE: https://localtrade.cc/

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About company:

LocalTrade is an exchange that has been operating since 2017. It specializes in trading more than twenty cryptocurrencies. Spot trading available. For a transaction, LocalTrade charges a commission of 0.2% of its volume. Also on the platform, you can quickly exchange coins or make a profit for their placement (staking). In addition, the functionality of the exchange includes a code generator that allows you to send cryptocurrency to other users. As well as a service for launching cryptocurrency projects.

3 thoughts on “LocalTrade.cc  Review

  1. You are deceiving people. If you give your wallet address, everyone will know that you are not telling the truth. Unfortunately, competitors do not sleep. And you are an ordinary custom bot.

  2. Local Trade was disappointed with a small number of currency pairs, but the biggest disadvantage is the terrible Russian version of the site

  3. Fraudsters! I made a deposit on this site in DRGN equivalent to 450 dollars. Firstly, during the auction you can’t see what orders to buy or sell, just a fake story. Secondly, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO WITHDRAW FROM THIS SITE! The status of the application will be written that it has been completed, but the funds will not come to the account, support is not responding. Do not repeat my mistake!

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