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Who are we?

Markets24 is a young brokerage company.

Our value is openness and accessibility for everyone. We strive to give our clients the freedom to choose their place of residence and the way they trade. We want you not to be tied to additional programs or certain operating systems, and therefore choose the web terminal for you.

For our employees, we give the same conditions — freedom of choice, so our team works remotely. This allows us to reduce our costs and keep commissions low.

We are open to cooperation and new ideas. If you have any suggestions to improve our service, please contact us!

We want to provide the best support to our customers and therefore we provide a personal manager for cooperation.

If you want to build a business with us — we are glad to new partners and colleagues! Send us an email to discuss details.

Trading tools

350+ assets including major, minor and exotic currency pairs, CFDs on company stocks, stock indices and commodities will help you diversify your portfolio. Open short, medium or long term positions that will help you get great earnings.

Various accounts

We understand that all traders differ in experience, preference to methods and temperament, therefore we have prepared several account types. Each investor will be able to choose an account suitable to his/her level where he/she will be comfortable to work in.

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  2. There are a lot of new products on the site and the prices are very normal. Even taking into account the payment for delivery by the transport company, it was very profitable.

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