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Cryptocurrency exchange Mercatox has taken a serious position in the market of electronic currencies. Its creators offer traders to try favorable trading conditions, an author's affiliate program and a wide range of coins. To better understand who we are dealing with, we suggest doing a thorough review of the official website of the exchange and studying the reviews of merchants. Overview of the cryptocurrency exchange The Mercatox exchange successfully combines a platform for making various payments, a currency exchanger with a P2P structure (smart smart contracts) and a trading terminal. The company has been operating since 2015. The developers of a young but ambitious organization have set themselves the goal of a universal financial service that will have no analogues.

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  1. Commissions are generally incomprehensible. A third of the amount was written off, well, it’s very fat already. Of course, I read that here the commissions are not fixed, but floating, but not so much! Obdiralovo. Assets are already scanty, you barely have time to trade the amount to withdraw, and they rip off so much! Plus, there is no mobile version, and my laptop is not always at hand. Long and expensive to work in general, I do not advise Mercatox

  2. Somehow I get more minuses than pluses, at the expense of this crypto-exchange. And not a new exchange, but a mobile application was never launched, the commissions are gigantic and I noticed that they are not even fixed. Each time you can withdraw a different percentage. Prices for orders often change already during the closing, which is completely unacceptable. The policy of the exchange is this – I do what I want and you traders endure well, or goodbye to anyone who doesn’t like it. I said goodbye to Mercatox a long time ago and I no longer drain my capital through commissions.

  3. Crypto exchange Mercatox is one of the top ten platforms focused on the digital stock market. In particular, the user is provided with a multi-currency crypto wallet (for free!), the exchange service is P2P, the commission for any type of trade is 0.25%, a referral, a level program and a franchise partnership are available.

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