PHONE: +7 495 981-84-84

ADDRESS: 143401, Russia, Krasnogorsk, Builders Boulevard, 4, BC "Kubik", block "B"

EMAIL: [email protected]

3 thoughts on “MERLION-LTD  Review

  1. Somehow it used to seem that Forex trading is a very complicated matter, where you need to take into account a bunch of moments, where you need to keep track of everything, where you need to be very psychologically prepared. But in reality it turned out that this was not the case. And all that was needed was to open an account with the “right” company, which provides excellent help in the form of information, for example, training. We should not forget about the conditions either, the more profitable they are, the easier it is to trade. This is also an important aspect that plays into the hands of the long term. As you understand, by the “right” broker I mean this company. Want to make your trader’s journey easier? You definitely need to start trading here.

  2. No matter how hard you try, you still won’t be able to trade against the kitchen. MERLION-LTD will do everything possible to prevent you from earning. They have plenty of ways, trust me.

  3. Somehow, the withdrawal of funds does not happen to me, it seems that the application has been submitted, but it is not processed, and the money does not come to my bank card.
    Did everyone have similar problems with MERLION-LTD? What can you suggest to do in such a situation? I emailed tech support, they didn’t answer me either. Is this normal at all?

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