Metagold Capital Review


Telephone: +91 8237831355

Address: Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, Beachmont, Kingstown, St. Vincent & Grenadines

About company:

About MetaGold Capital

Start Your Profitable Investment with MetaGold Capital. Trade with us & expand opportunities across multiple financial markets.

Who We Are

MetaGold Capital is trusted Forex company having its base in Hong Kong, Dubai & Vietnam. In Forex Market, MetaGold Capital is well-know for providing expert trading facilities to both individual and professional clients. With our seamlessly integratable and efficient tools we aim at providing an easy to trade environment to boost your growth in trading business.

3 thoughts on “Metagold Capital Review

  1. A separate cauldron in hell should be prepared for these swindlers. MetaGold Capital lure everyone with beautiful advertising, but they do not say the most important thing, that all the money transferred to the account will remain on it. I have almost 500 bucks stuck and I can’t withdraw them anywhere! Point-blank support ignores my appeals, as if I were talking to a wall. Withdrawal requests are not processed, but simply disappear over time, with such problems it’s time to close them for a long time!

  2. Good intermediary with convenient conditions. Special thanks to MetaGold Capital for having a demo account and training materials that will be so useful for beginners. The entrance threshold is low, I was told on the phone that you can start with $50, but I transferred $200. It was possible to double the amount only after a couple of weeks, but the main thing is that it worked out! There are few cons, but there are also, the real account is still different from the demo, it is noticeable, it would also be nice to reduce the commissions, because if you trade at a reduced rate, then it will be impossible to earn something.

  3. Impressions from cooperation with MetaGold Capital, so to speak, are not pleasant. At the very least, I would definitely not recommend this non-broker to anyone. From the very beginning of registration, you are constantly being persuaded to transfer more currencies to your account, offering all sorts of promotions, anything, just so you buy. But when it comes to taking it off, everyone hides in the bushes and does not notice your complaints. It’s a shame to work like that, you should have sent them to hell right away and live in peace.

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