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200+ Trading Pairs With An Innovative Trading Facility

Lightning fast execution. Low spreads.
An ideal tool kit for active day trading.

Global Stock Markets with no transaction costs

Invest from just $1, Trade from just $100

Hundreds of Stocks & Stock CFDs from various exchanges of the world, with no commissions!

Trade and Invest in 250+
Trading Pairs Today

Trade global markets with NixForex to take advantage of both rising and falling prices.

3 thoughts on “NIXFOREX REVIEW

  1. There are several signs, let’s say, superficial, but not very obvious, that this dealing center is just a fraudulent scheme created for the sake of scam and divorce for money. Firstly, money transfers here are possible only through cryptocurrency. This means that fiat payment systems are not connected here, for example, bank cards, or electronic wallets, only crypto, several options. Crypto allows scammers to remain anonymous. They receive several deposits from their clients, then this money is already exchanged through exchangers for real dollars or euros, well, or something else, depending on where they are engaged in their criminal activities. It’s like one of the options. Maybe they bring them to the stock exchange, maybe they launder them through mixers. In general, only a crypt as a way to replenish a deposit clearly shows that scammers do not want to shoot at all in any way. Secondly, social networks that are tritely wound up with bots and artificial subscribers. The fact that they have tens of thousands on Instagram and other social networks does not mean anything at all, since there is no activity on the posts, and this indicates 99.9% subscribers. There are practically no real subscribers. It creates the appearance of popularity and scale. Thirdly, bonuses for replenishment, free distribution of shibacoin. Normal brokers do not do such things, it is done by scammers who want to lure freebie lovers to themselves in order to throw them later. All these bonuses are given for a reason, there are certain conditions when these bonuses can be withdrawn. And the conditions are built in such a way that it is almost impossible to work them out.

  2. You need to understand that if a broker issues fake licenses for its own, and also hides behind other people’s registration data and documents, then this broker should definitely not be chosen for cooperation, because this is 100% fraud and deceit. NiksForex works in exactly the same way. This is a vivid example of scammers who decided to go the way of stealing not only money from traders, but also stealing other people’s data. For what? And in order to pretend that this is a real company that really works in England, has a real office there, and supposedly everything is legal.

  3. NixForex offers cool brokerage services with interesting additional functionality. Personally, from what is offered by the company, I use consultations and analytics. The first ones help me get competent advice on trading, not just on strategy, but also on psychology as well. For example, how to get out of tilt. Analytics, on the other hand, helps to correctly determine the direction of the price of an asset and already adjust your strategy to this. If the trend is up, then you need to work from the long. If down, then from the short, everything is simple.

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