Experience with the Real Estate Agency Vip Realty Club: Warnings and Disappointments

Vip Realty Club positions itself as Russian-speaking experts in 18 countries worldwide with over 2,500 agents. The agency represents major developers in Bali, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, UAE, Panama, North and South Cyprus, Serbia, Thailand (Phuket, Pattaya), Turkey, and Montenegro. They also offer personalized property selection in Germany, Grenada (passport program), Spain, Italy, and France.

Services of Vip Realty Club

The company provides the following services:

  • Personalized property selection without markups and commissions.
  • Investment projects from $20,000 with interest-free installments up to 84 months.
  • Full transaction support both online and offline.
  • Post-sale support.
  • Organization of individual and group tours for property viewing.
  • Strategies and solutions for payment transfers, property resale, and selection of properties and countries.

Problems with Meeting Deadlines

Despite promises of high-quality service and transaction support, the deal-making process with Vip Realty Club was extremely delayed. Pre-agreed deadlines were not met, leading to additional expenses and inconveniences for us.

Inadequate Recommendations and Overpriced Commissions

The agent recommended properties with high commissions that did not meet our needs. This suggests that the agency prioritizes its financial interests over the clients’, which is unacceptable for a professional realtor.

Legal Issues and Incorrect Document Handling

Serious legal problems arose during the transaction due to incorrect document handling. This led to additional expenses for legal consultations and complicated the purchasing process. The promised legal support was insufficient.

Lack of Attention and Poor Communication

We encountered a lack of attention to our needs and poor communication. The agent was not properly involved in the transaction process, which negatively impacted our experience. The service quality expectations were not met.

Refusal to Correct Mistakes

Despite all the problems that arose, the agency refused to correct their mistakes or offer a more competent realtor. This indicates a low level of professionalism and an inappropriate attitude towards clients, raising serious doubts about their reliability.

Our experience with the Vip Realty Club real estate agency was extremely negative. We spent a lot of time and money but were dissatisfied with their work. Based on our experience, we cannot recommend Vip Realty Club and advise potential clients to be cautious and carefully choose their real estate agency.


When choosing a real estate agency, it is important to consider not only promises but also real client reviews. Our experience showed that Vip Realty Club does not meet the stated standards and is not willing to correct its mistakes. Be vigilant and thoroughly verify information before making deals with real estate agencies.

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10 Replies to “Experience with the Real Estate Agency Vip Realty Club: Warnings and Disappointments”

  1. Working with Vip Realty Club in Bali left us completely disappointed. The promised deadlines were not met and the process dragged on for months. The agent offered properties with a high commission that did not meet our requirements. As a result, we wasted a lot of time and money.

  2. Cooperation with Vip Realty Club in Bulgaria was extremely negative. We were offered objects that were completely unsuitable for our purposes. The documents were completed with errors and we encountered legal problems. The agency refused to admit its mistakes and help solve them.

  3. Vip Realty Club in Georgia has shown itself to be an unprofessional agency. The transaction process was delayed, despite pre-agreed deadlines. The agent was inattentive to our needs and communication with him was extremely difficult.

  4. We were recommended properties with high fees that did not meet our needs. We have experienced numerous delays and lack of feedback. The quality of services provided leaves much to be desired.

  5. Vip Realty Club in the UAE has proven itself to be an extremely unreliable agency. The transaction process was delayed and the documents were completed incorrectly. We ran into legal problems and the agency showed no interest in resolving them.

  6. Working with Vip Realty Club in Serbia was extremely disappointing. The transaction process was delayed, the documents were incorrectly completed, and the agent showed no interest in solving our problems. We strongly do not recommend this agency.

  7. The experience with Vip Realty Club in Thailand was terrible. The agency did not meet the agreed deadlines, the paperwork was completed with errors, and the agent recommended properties with high fees that did not meet our needs.

  8. Vip Realty Club in Turkey has shown itself to be an extremely unprofessional agency. The transaction process took months, the paperwork was incorrect, and we faced many legal problems. The agent showed no initiative in resolving our issues.

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