Velas  Review


About company:

Native token of the cryptocurrency platform of the same name, which is based on its own blockchain. The Velas cryptocurrency network is powered by Solana with built-in ETM. Velas is a staking coin. With its help, you can earn income by becoming a member of an already operating pool. And also by running your own pool. To do this, the validator must have at least 1 million tokens on his account. The creator of the pool receives 60% of the staking, and its members receive the remaining 40%.

3 thoughts on “Velas  Review

  1. I lost 10k with these scammers, please avoid them. They will intentionally drain your money or if you make money they won’t let you withdraw it. I’ve been trying to collect what’s left of my deposit for over a month. They don’t answer any emails.

  2. shows itself too poorly on the market. Now there are a lot of trading with more convenient platforms, and there are more percentages, that is, you will earn more

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