WAZIRX  Review

Website: https://wazirx.com/

About company:

Cryptocurrency exchange WAZIRX launched in 2018. Registered in India. Owned by Binance. The site has a service for making P2P transactions. WAZIRX can be traded without identity verification. Supports margin trading. The project has recently listed its token. For the transaction, the exchange charges a commission fee of 0.2%. There is a profitable referral program. According to its terms, the exchange partner receives 50% of the site’s profit.

3 thoughts on “WAZIRX  Review

  1. I won’t say that I personally would trade here, since the exchange is not large, there are not very many different tools for trading, but for beginners, it’s probably just right. Commissions are not high, withdrawals are fast, support works well. I traded here for a while, but then moved to another exchange.

  2. Good afternoon. The traditional option does not work on the exchange, when the broker reduces the amount of fees in case of meeting the trading volume standards or freezing its own tokens. WazirX completely resets the discount amount if the trader conducts a transaction through an internal token. But this option is not perfect. The downside is the volatility of the WRX.

  3. Cool platform. There are all conditions for earning. You can trade, drain, mine. I especially like STF – give the coins to a professional and make a profit. Why not passive income? The main thing is to choose a good trader so as not to fly by.

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