Zineera  Review

Website: https://zineera.com/


About company:

The Zineera cryptocurrency exchange has been operating since 2017. It has a license to conduct exchange activities issued by the Australian Securities Commission. Supports trading of BTC, ETH, LTC and other coins. Also in Zineera, you can enter into transactions with CFDs based on cryptocurrencies, fiats, securities and commodity assets. To create an account on the exchange, the user must obtain an activation code from customer support specialists.

3 thoughts on “Zineera  Review

  1. Do not try to believe these freaks. At first, my brother praised this exchange so much, boasted about how things went uphill. Until his account was blocked with a bunch of funds in the account. This is how Zineera works, robbing its customers and willingly using their impunity. Read the comments, they are scolded everywhere for what the world is worth, and quite deservedly, I think. Save your money, or look for a reliable company, and avoid scammers

  2. Zineera has only recently appeared, but immediately earned a bad reputation. 99% that the office belongs to scammers who do nothing but cut money from naive gullible clients. Happiness is definitely not to be seen here, otherwise there would not have been such a stormy stream of negative reviews. I myself will definitely not cooperate with them and I recommend you to refrain

  3. I wish I hadn’t contacted them at all! Who knew that the commissions here are such that it’s impossible to earn anything at all! (Now I would at least somehow withdraw my investments, otherwise I begin to suspect that they won’t want to let me go with my money just like that …

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