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About company:

BigONE is a Chinese exchange based in Singapore. Launched in 2017. It is characterized by the support of a large number of fiats. In total, more than 250 currency pairs can be traded in BigONE. Spot trading available. The project offers several options for earning income from staking cryptocurrencies. The main trading direction is BTC/USDT. The size of the commission charged (removed from the taker and maker) is from 0.2%. There is no commission fee for depositing funds.

3 thoughts on “BigONE  Review

  1. For the two years that I have been cooperating with bigone, I have no complaints against them, I have never even had to contact support. But this is not only because everything is so regulated here. It’s just that there is nothing unusual or advanced. The standard TradingView terminal, which many people work with, spot, margin, contracts – everything is like the others. Perhaps this is good – the best is the enemy of the good. This is a platform for quiet, calm work with a stable, but small income. There is good analytics and training. But so, for their again. In plus – a good referral and a large selection of cryptocurrencies.

  2. The Bigone crypto exchange, as for me, does not deserve either a rating of 4 or 5. The exchange seems to have been on the crypto market for a relatively long time, but it stands still in development. But of course, the exchange is definitely not a “kitchen”, because the funds are withdrawn normally.

  3. An excellent crypto exchange for advanced users, 117 trading pairs is a good choice. It’s a pity that fiat deposits are limited – you can only deposit cryptocurrencies. New mobile app – works really well, bigone has tried to improve all the previous flaws. Margin trading is not available, but all other tools work perfectly, nothing hangs, there are no jumps. Money can be withdrawn quickly enough, there are different withdrawal methods. For experienced traders – a very good platform.

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