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About company:

ProBit is a cryptocurrency exchange registered in the Seychelles. It has been operating since 2018. It supports operations with more than 140 cryptocurrencies. ProBit Global has released its own token. There is also a cloud mining service on the exchange, in which income is accrued in the native coin of the project. The interface is available in Russian. The trading commission is 0-0.2%. The minimum commission is charged for transactions with the exchange token.

3 thoughts on “ProBit Global Review

  1. Scammers work against clients’ profits. You can’t even count on bonuses from sales, and if they do, it’s 10 times less than stated.

  2. If a disputable situation arises, you will not wait for a refund, support does not work, or it may be deliberately delaying the resolution of the issue so that you give up the idea of ​​returning your funds. I’m waiting for a month until tokens are credited to my trading wallet, I made a trifling mistake, I didn’t correctly indicate the comment when transferring, the money came to their wallet, I provided all the evidence that the funds from the general wallet are mine, but there is silence on the other end.

  3. Fraudsters simply pocket other people’s funds for themselves, consider that there is no support at all, they do everything in order to confuse, complicate, pocket. I transferred prisms 20 k, the money came to their wallet, but they, referring to the absence of the “message” column, are trying in every possible way to keep the coins, there is a list of documents, as if we are making out a mortgage. and then, we will consider, maybe a month, maybe three … mu oink. On all normal exchanges, this column is not required, but there is a “public key” column, but they don’t have it. In general, this is all done on purpose, in order to pocket other people’s funds.

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